In The Beginning 


In The Beginning It
Was Not So:

In The Beginning It Was Not So: Seven Marriage Lessons Learned In The Garden, teaches seven marriage lessons from the Garden of Eden that provide great guidance on the principles of marriage success, as designed by God, in the beginning. This book is an inspired work that will give you a glimpse into the Designer’s (God) intent for marriage. As it was in the beginning. If your marriage starts right and stays right - it will end right! Starting Marriages Right Seven Marriage Lessons Learned in the Garden (Genesis 2:15-24) Lesson 1: Know Yourself and Your Purpose (Verse 15) Lesson 2: Good Boundaries Brings Freedom (Verses 16, 17) Lesson 3: Your Need for Companionship (Verse 18) Lesson 4: Choosing the Right Mate (Verses 19-22a) Lesson 5: Recognizing and Cherishing Your Gift (Verse 22b) Lesson 6: Genuine Love and Appreciation Shows (Verse 23) Lesson 7: Your Path to Oneness (Verse 24)

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Discussion Guide

This Discussion Guide is written as an additional resource to the book, In the Beginning It Was Not So – Seven Marriage Lessons Learned in the Garden. The Discussion Guide provides groups, couples, and individuals a way to explore and discuss the seven key learnings emanating from the Garden of Eden. These lessons provide magnificent truths revealed in the beginning that can heal and advance all marriage relationships. Continue through this Guide and discover what the Designer (God) intended the marriage relationship to really be. Divorce was not the ideal option then nor the expectation. Unfortunately, it has become so in recent times; but in this Guide we will discover why, “in the beginning, it was not so.” This Discussion Guide provides a recap of the pertinent truths of each lesson. It offers several discussion questions to not just provide information, but also the transformation of the heart, thought, and mind. Each lesson in this Guide also provides exercises and activities that can be used individually, as a couple, or as a group to further solidify the truths uncovered.

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