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The Faces behind the Cases

Hi There! We are Terry and Carol Moss
Marriage Coaches and The Founders of One Flesh Ministries

Our Love Story

Terry and Carol have been married for 17 years. They both went through heartbreak and divorce before the Lord brought them together. One day, Terry prayed. “Lord, he said. “Present to me the woman you have prepared to be my suitable helper.” Soon after, God spoke to him and said, “It’s ok to contact Carol.” Carol and Terry knew each other from their church in Chicago, but until that moment, never thought of each other as potential romantic partners. Terry emailed Carol right away, asking if he could call her. They went on a date and it went well…because they got married five months later! The couple now resides in Lake Worth, Florida. They blended a family of five children, one of whom resides in heaven. They attend Christ Fellowship Church and serve on the congregation’s marriage ministry.

We are ordinary people who endured the challenges of divorce. Through God’s grace and glory, we survived.

Terry and Carol, through One Flesh Ministries (OFM), provide one-on-one marriage coaching together and have for the past 17 years.

We Help You Build Healthy Marriages

  • Mature Experienced Christian Leader Couple

  • Certified Marriage Mentors

  • Experienced Marriage Relationship Coaches

  • Well-Qualified Group Leaders for Pre-Married and Married Couples

  • Founders and Executive Officers of One Flesh Ministries, Inc.

  • International Speakers

  • Published Authors on Marriage by God’s Design

Our Vision

Through the application of God’s Word and our practical wisdom and experiences, One Flesh Ministries strives to help couples build healthy, mutually satisfying, God-honoring marriages.

What Does One Flesh Ministries Do?

Terry and Carol, through One Flesh Ministries (OFM), provide one-on-one marriage coaching together and have for the past 17 years. They conduct marriage conferences, marriage retreats, weekend “marriage intensives,” workshops, and seminars. Using our “Marriage by Design” process, One Flesh Ministries prepares couples for marriage; mentors married couples in crisis; partners with couples to enhance “good” marriage relationships. Additionally, OFM’s marriage coaching involves support for remarried couples forming blended families and stepfamilies. Terry and Carol Moss are Certified Marriage Mentors and Certified SYMBIS Facilitators through Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot Ministries.

Our Tools

One Flesh Ministries uses practical Biblical principles, humor, and real-life experiences to coach, encourage, and mentor couples. Their coaching is completely dependent on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction. Those insights propel relationships from good, to glorious!

A new chapter in your marriage awaits you


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