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What is the “it” that Terry & Carol has that has been effective in helping your marriage to improve, be restored, or helped in any other way?
Terry & Carol provide practical, easy to implement, and Bible based knowledge. The atmosphere in which they teach is engaging and allows you to be heard. They are relatable so you don't feel judge. You can really tell that their heart desire is to see you grow, thrive and succeed in your marriage.

Daneita Blalock Hudson

Without a doubt
Terry and Carol are gifted and passionate about their ministry to empower and enrich marriages, and they undertake their work with love, care, Biblical Principles and confidentiality - you experience that in all your engagements. Terry & Carol help you dig a little deeper into your feelings, thoughts and fears to get understanding and find resolutions to the many issues we face as married couples.

Christopher & Jacque Falconer

Marriage Marathon Event
The Marriage Marathon is life changing/marriage changing. The Mosses are genuinely eager to share with married couples. In today’s world with the divorce rate so high in and out of church it is refreshing to have a place to go where God is the focal point/center and Godly marriage is the goal. I leave with expectancy in my heart to “Finish the Race”.

Marriage Marathon Getaway Event
The Marriage Marathon Getaway Event is for any married couple looking to enrich themselves and their marriage. No matter the (number) of years you’ve been married or the experiences you’ve gone through, we all have something to learn. Terry and Carol bring thought provoking discussions to the learning event in a safe and loving manner.

Terry and Carol Moss has been influential in creating a secure and safe atmosphere for improving and sustaining marriages.

Their objective is for couples to aim for the abundant marriage ordained by God. The credentials that allows their success are as follows: 1. Their real life situations. 2. Being gifted with a heart to teach how to build a firm foundation based on biblical facts on how God created marriages to be in the beginning. 3. Their accessibility and selflessness complements their communication skills and commitment to help foster a deeper and more fulfilling marriage relationship.

Karl Burt

My Husband and I

My husband and I had the opportunity to serve with Terri and Carol since 2018. From the very moment we met, I instinctively knew that they were the REAL DEAL! Their confidence and integrity was like a beacon for those around them to find rest for their souls and spirits… like a much needed breathe of fresh air!! As soon as we had the opportunity to get with them one on one, their wisdom and discernment was a deep well in which to gain clarity and strength from. We are blessed and highly favored to call them friends.

Dick and Brenda Smith

Marriage Marathon Event
This whole weekend was truly perfect. Everything I/we have struggled with so far was talked about/discussed and I learned a lot. I love how marriage was tied in with running a marathon. I’m very excited to use and practice things we learned and to always focus on God and put Him #1 in our relationship.

Marriage Marathon Event
The Marriage Marathon was an unforgettable weekend experience. It was filled with carefully thought-out sessions rooted in the Word of God. There was time for deep meaningful discussion between the groups and the couples. There was variety in presentation of the information and the overall feeling in the room was real, filled with truth and love.

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